College History

Billanook College was founded by a group of committed local parents who wanted to establish a co-educational Primary and Secondary school in the emerging outer east of Melbourne.

Through their unstinting voluntary efforts, Billanook College commenced in 1980 with 10 teachers, two administration Staff and 150 students in the Parish Hall of St. Andrew’s Church in Lilydale.

The founding families were prepared to mortgage their homes to purchase the land on which the College is situated and worked tirelessly in the lead up to the College opening in February 1980. Billanook was the name the local Wurundjeri people called the site and the School’s motto Growing and Caring was chosen to reflect the values and attitudes of the founding families and the local community.

Billanook College- Oral History Project

In 2010 Billanook College celebrated its 30th Anniversary. As part of the commemorative projects and events during the year, an Oral History project was undertaken by a group of students under the direction of the English Faculty. The objective of the project was to document the invaluable stories and accounts of those who were instrumental in the establishment of Billanook College - our living history.

Dr Peter Haris, Billanook's Founding Principal (1980 - 1996)

Mr Alan Ross, Former College Principal (1997 - 2009) 

Mr Roger Oates, Billanook's current Principal

Mr Rodger & Mrs Gwen Elliot, Founding Family

Mr Stephen & Mrs Lorna White, Founding Family

Mrs Helen Hoyle, Founding Deputy Principal

Mrs Carolyn Stone, Founding Mother of Billanook College

Mr Clive Evenden, Formation Committee Member

Mr Lionel Parrott, Founding Parent and Chair of Billanook College Board

Mrs Dorothy Hansen, Founding Parent

Mr Mike Pavey, Founding Parent and Chair of Billanook College Board

Mrs Audrey Ellis, Former Billanook College Primary School teacher

Mr Neville Skewes, Founding Bursar of Billanook College

Mr Steve Clarke, Founding Student, DUX and former staff member of Billanook College

Mrs Beverly Hickin, Founding Parent

Mrs Judy McPherson, Former Head of Walling House

Mrs June Tyrell, Founding staff member

Mrs Sandra Berthelsen, Former staff member

Mrs Val Edwards, Founding staff member

Rev. Peter Barnes, Founding staff member