Our Early Learning Program offers your child a fun, colourful, safe and nurturing place in which to grow. Children in our Early Learning Program are challenged to learn in a way that is joyful and engaging, with the focus being on the individual needs of every child.  

Where the Journey Begins

The learning journey at Billanook College commences with the Early Learning Program (ELP) and provides for a seamless transition into the Primary years. Our Early Learning Program (ELP) for three and four year old children invites them to participate in an open learning community where the natural wonder, curiosity and questioning of young children is guided through play to exploration and discovery whilst developing social connections and skills.

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Early Learning Program (ELP) Principles

The principles that underpin the Billanook College ELP are founded in the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and include:

Family and Partnership
Ours is a partnership between home and school where we work with and build on what children have previously experienced, welcoming parents' involvement in the journey.

Equity and Diversity
Billanook College is an open entry school where all students are valued for their individual gifts, skills and talents.

Responsive Engagement
Children learn in an experiential way and the Billanook College ELP is one that is founded on active learning through open ended and guided play.

Learning Continuum
As part of the Junior Learning Centre (JLC), the Early Learning Program circumvents many of the issues associated with a child's transition into the Preparatory year. Our programs recognise a learning journey allowing for an easy transition for the child from the early years into the Primary School and beyond.

Whole Child Education
Billanook College focuses on the development of the whole child and aims to produce well-rounded individuals. An understanding of the world around them is critical for the successful growth and development of children. Our ELP focuses on their role in this world and responsibility for its careful stewardship.

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Billanook's Early Learning 3 and 4 Year Old Centre