The Middle School Years are critical years for our Years 7, 8 and 9 students. These young adolescents experience rapid physical and emotional development.

During this critical time of transition and personal growth, we make sure that students take part in their chosen programs and activities with an adequate amount of support. We also work together with parents to ensure that your child feels confident and empowered. 

The Middle Years are a time when strengthening the fundamentals of early education is paramount. Our staff will encourage and build confidence in your child so that they are challenged to think outside the square, problem solve effectively and seek sources of personal inspiration to guide them on their learning journey.

Mr Nick Owen
Head of Middle School

To see the Middle School in action, please contact our College Registrar who will be happy to arrange a personal College Tour and/or a meeting with the Head of Middle School.
Phone 03 9724 1179 or email