Transition and Buddy Programs

Buddy Program for Prep

Through Prep enrolment interviews and subsequent formal and informal meetings, Prep students become familiar with the School environment, Staff and students which greatly assists their orientation into Primary School life. The Prep students participate in a variety of multi-age activities throughout their Prep year with an appointed Senior Primary buddy who embraces the responsibility and opportunity of mentoring a younger student.

Transition to Year 7

The Senior Primary students regularly participate in a Transition program where the Middle School students are mentors. The mentors interact positively with their younger counterparts to ensure Senior Primary students enjoy a smooth transition to Year 7 and the Middle School. VCE, the formal leadership program enables students to take responsibility for a leadership portfolio, student leaders work with the guidance of a mentor. The formal leadership program provides students with the opportunity to learn to work collaboratively, like a board or cabinet, to achieve their goals and to make a difference.