Learning Outside the Classroom

Billanook is committed to students having the opportunity to explore learning experiences outside the classroom. A second to none EXIT Program allows students to experience the real world through extensive work experience, community service and outdoor adventure activities.

The EXIT Program is the name given to the weeks set aside in the curriculum for Years 10 and 11 students to exit the College and participate in a large variety of local, national and international experiences.

Based on the IDEALS of Round Square, the Program provides stepping stones for students to build their International understanding, learn about social justice and Democracy, increase their awareness of the need for Environmental Sustainability, extend their personal boundaries through Adventure and challenge, develop Leadership skills outside of the classroom and give back to their community through Service to others.

All activities and experiences offered to students meet College objectives and are consistent with the Uniting Church statements on Equity and Social Justice.

One of the many valuable aspects for participants in the EXIT Program is the building of a student profile which reflects the students’ practical involvement in the various components of the Program. These experiences are documented and evaluated and the information included in a personal Student Credential Portfolio which is presented to each Year 12 student when he/she leaves Billanook College.

The EXIT Program fosters a never stop learning philosophy that allows a student to achieve beyond academic excellence.

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