Personal Enrichment and Religious Studies (PEARS)

Billanook believes that our graduates are “well rounded individuals, resilient in the face of challenge, self-assured through a belief in self, with respect for others and acceptance of difference. Borne out of a strong sense of community, both local and global, they are caring and compassionate, not afraid to take initiative and ably equipped with the skills to do so.

It is with this philosophy that the focus on Personal Enrichment and Religious Studies (PEARS) is adopted. From Years 7 to 10, students develop an in-depth understanding of their personal beliefs, major world religions, social justice and human rights and they begin to learn how society, beliefs, ethics and religion shape and create balance in our lives. 

Billanook College is a School of the Uniting Church in Australia and aims to provide an education consistent with Christian values and practices. Students gain an understanding of the beliefs and values embodied in love, peace, social justice, truth and service. Students gain an understanding of the values of tolerance and compassion and are encouraged to stand up for issues of social justice and service to others. The world’s many faiths are explored so that each student will leave Billanook with knowledge of the importance of religious and ethical questions in one’s life.

PEARS is an exploration of the whole being; promoting an awareness and appreciation of the entire person - as an individual, an active member of a community, and a citizen of humanity.

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