Visual Arts

"The Arts have the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging students to reach their creative and expressive potential……..Rich in tradition the Arts play a major role in the development and expression of contemporary culture both locally and globally."
National Arts Curriculum 2012

Visual Arts at Billanook builds creative thinking, fosters innovation and technical skill, builds aesthetic knowledge and gives insight into history and culture.
Our students need to be prepared to actively engage in this visual world. Never before have we needed to rely as much on the Visual Arts to help us make sense of the world and interact effectively. 

Visual Arts at Billanook prepares students for that world through its diverse and vibrant program. This happens from the Early Learning Program through the Primary School, where the foundations are created for lifelong learning and skills in the Arts, and on to Middle School where a variety of electives including Visual Communication and Design (Digital Art), Painting and Sculpture, Printmaking and Textiles are offered.

At Senior School students may choose from a range of electives including Photography, Fashion, Painting and Drawing, and Visual Communication and Design. These subjects give students an excellent framework and prepare them for Art, Studio Arts and/or Visual Communication and Design at VCE level.
Arts education at Billanook is important because even though your child may never become an artist or even work in the creative industries they will function in a world that requires an understanding of aesthetic principles, and an ability to problem solve and think creatively.

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