Billanook students have a quiet confidence. They are resilient in the face of challenge and assured through a belief in self, respect for others, and an acceptance of difference. They are caring and compassionate, ready to take initiative, and ably equipped with the skills to do so.

Applications for our Year 7, 2026 Scholarships will open towards the end of 2024

Billanook College has a proud history as an open-entry School, and as such, we value both academic achievement, and general excellence, which is reflected in our Scholarship Program.

Year 7, 2026 Scholarships:

Academic Excellence Scholarships – awarded based on the outcome of the Scholarship Test (held at the College) and the supporting documentation provided
General Excellence Scholarships – awarded based on both the outcome of the Scholarship Test and the supporting documentation provided (outlined below)

Documents Required

In addition to the Scholarship Testing, the following is required for ALL applications:

  • a letter from the student describing themselves, their aspirations for school, interests outside of school, their community involvement and leadership, and a description of why they wish to become part of the Billanook Community.
  • a copy of your child’s Year 5 current Semester Report
  • a copy of your child’s Year 5 NAPLAN results

General excellence scholarships – additional information

Students applying for a General Excellence Scholarship should also provide documentation that supports at least one of the following points:

  • excellence in one or more areas other than academic (e.g. music, leadership, co-curricular interests)
  • a high level of application to all classroom and extra-curricular activities (e.g. reference from a teacher)
  • the potential to make a positive contribution to the Billanook community (e.g. examples of community involvement or leadership initiatives).

 *Please supply COPIES of all achievements, certificates, etc., as portfolios are not able to be returned to candidates.

Scholarships awarded are based on the outcome of the test result and the supporting documentation provided.

Other Information

Scholarships are tenable for the duration of a student’s time at Billanook College. Scholarship offers range from 25% to 50% of the annual Tuition Fee (Composite Fee not included).

  • Scholarships ARE open to existing Billanook College students.
  • These Scholarships are NOT available to Full Fee-Paying Overseas Students (FFPOS).

For further information regarding Scholarships, please contact our Registrar on 03 9724 1179 or email:

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