Student, Testing, Tracking and Enhancement Program – STTEP

STTEP at Billanook College supports students who show a high level of general ability, identified through a range of assessments and various tracking tools. The College recognises that all children need educational opportunities that are consistent with their level of ability and skill in order to confidently explore their potential.

The program provides:

  • embedded enhancement opportunities for students within the curriculum.
  • students with enhancement that is congruent with their learning outcomes.
  • a wealth of expertise and knowledge of Staff within the various learning areas.

STTEP utilises a deeply embedded approach to target learning and development (across multiple domains) for our highly able students, including:

  • identification (based on standardised assessment entry testing) from amongst cohort, followed by tracking progress through the curriculum to provide personalised learning experiences.
  • collaboration with all learning areas to develop curriculum benchmarks to differentiate in-class opportunities for our highly able students and;
  • skill workshops and faculty-based enhancement opportunities, providing experiences for students to further develop their knowledge and skills.

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