The Dame Phyllis Frost Centre operates on the basis that all children can learn and should be given the opportunity to maximise their learning potential.

Our aim to provide the necessary support to enable learning to take place in a variety of ways using evidence-based intervention and multi-tiered systems of support.

The Centre is a learning space that offers a variety of services, which can include:

  • Support to Access the mainstream Curriculum.
  • Staff who can Liaise with Teachers about Individual Student Educational and Emotional Needs.
  • Working closely with subject learning areas to Differentiate learning content.
  • Support with the development of Academic and Learning Skills.
  • Student Assessments both individual and cohort.
  • The Opportunity for students to Connect.
  • A space for Respite.
  • A facility which Partners with Parents in their Child’s Education.

For students with identified learning needs, the beliefs central to developing, implementing and evaluating our curriculum are that :

  • all students can learn and be taught.
  • educational planning requires an active partnership between the school, parents and students.
  • students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe, and happy.
  • students learn better when they, their teachers and parents understand their educational, learning and emotional needs.

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